We apply design thinking and strategy to help people tackle complex problems. Whether you're starting up or established, our proven consulting services, workshops and innovative programs will provide positive outcomes. 

As a strategic design consultancy and creative collaborator, we're committed to providing the design thinking tools, business strategy, education and initiative to drive forward social innovation. Seven Positive empowers individuals, organisations, enterprises and governments to create positive futures. Whether it's creating a social enterprise, helping you design or fine tune your business model and services, or collaborating to deliver an amazing workshop, event or educational program, we can help you maximise the positive impact your organisation or project is aiming for. 


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Our services embark you on a design led innovation journey which enables you to develop deep empathy with your clients and gather strong insights. You'll be better equipped to face issues and respond accordingly with good decisions.

Perhaps you're facing a challenge and are looking for some advice and tools to help you grow or move forward?

Are we the missing link which allows your project to flourish and thrive into the future?

Could we collaborate on a project which creates positive change for our community?

We can consult privately and in-house or tailor specific workshops and seminars to meet your needs.


Some Recent projects

Jump Start is a 12 week design thinking and social entrepreneurship program which empowers high school students to create prosperous futures. VII+ is continuing work alongside PSSC and Education Queensland to train teachers, design and implement cutting edge design thinking and entrepreneurship educational programs for high school students.

Impact Boom is a social impact blog and podcast which searches the globe to find the people, stories and inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact. Impact Boom interviews world-leading practitioners, social entrepreneurs, academia, innovators, thinkers and doers in fields such as design, social enterprise and education.


Fix-ed is an Australian school led social enterprise which launched in February 2017. Fix-ed diverts waste from landfill, teaches young Australians valuable skills in human centred design, repair and enterprise and improves the wellbeing of people experiencing hardship. Check out the website for more information.

VII+ has been heavily involved with Kundalini Yoga Brisbane; one of Brisbane's leading yoga schools. Right from KYB's beginning, VII+ has provided a broad range of consulting across business model innovation, service design, branding and marketing strategy. More than 3 years on, it's great to see KYB growing whilst helping its clients live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.

I contacted Tom Allen (VII+’s Founder) during the most important time for my company - the launch of Lucirmás. During the time I’ve worked with Tom, he has proven to be a very competent and serious professional with a great ability to confront challenges and resolve them. He is an ideal collaborator, not only for his professionality, but also because he is a person which does everything with positivity and enthusiasm.
— Lucia Bruni, Founder of Lucirmas.
Since I met Tom I realised he was a person who stood out for his design knowledge and restlessness to make things happen. Each day our platforms grow, and more importantly, more potential clients discover who we are. 3Patas is no longer unknown in the design world and this is largely due to the results of Tom’s effective work.
— Santiago Hermosin, Founder of 3Patas.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Lao Tzu 400B.C.